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TITAN® EXP™ Angle Valve Cylinder Assemblies

360/480/540 Series Engines
for the experimental market

Diamond indicates exclusive features not found on OEM aircraft cylinders.


Characteristics and Features
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Head/Barrel Interface
Optimized strength through extensive lab testing and verified through engine testing.

Nickel+Carbide™ Bore Coating
Warranted against premature wear and corrosion for sixty (60) months -- no other cylinder bore carries a warranty of this magnitude.*

Plateau Bore Finish
A 2-step honing process creates a finish of plateaus and valleys essential for ring break-in and lubrication of the ECi moly-filled top compression ring and bore system.

Moly-filled Top Compression Ring
Scuff resistant and self-lubricating -- easy break-in, longer ring life, less bore wear.

Optional 14mm Spark Plug
Allows for installation of experimental electronic ignition systems.

Tru-Bore™ Valve Guides
Precision finished valve guides -- reduces unscheduled maintenance costs.

High-Chrome Cast Iron Exhaust Valve Guides
Improved wear resistance helps maintain good cylinder compression and peak horse power output throughout the life of the engine.
TITAN aircraft cylinders are not subject to the 400-hour mandatory inspection specified in Lycoming S.B. 388.

Casting Surface Texture
Efficient cylinder head cooling -- minimizes valve sticking and cylinder head cracking.

Calibrated Intake Port
Use of a calibrated flow bench during manufacturing is standard procedure for all TITAN aircraft cylinders -- assures engine performance.

Venturi Intake Seat
Creates improved air flow and more horsepower.

Fin Width and Spacing
Optimum cylinder head cooling prolongs cylinder life.

Shell Molded Casting
A manufacturing process that produces dimensional accuracy and improved metallurgical properties.

Increased Critical Wall Thickness
Increased thickness in the combustion chamber and thread band region. The right amount of metal in the right place – no better cylinder is on the market today.

*ECi warrants each Nickel+Carbide™ Cylinder Bore to remain free of corrosion and wear up to 5 years following date of first operation. No other cylinder manufacturer offers a warranty against corrosion.


480 Series

360/540 Series

Compression Ratio
7.3:1 / 8.0:1 / 8.7:1
7.3:1 / 8.0:1 / 8.7:1
Spark Plug Boss
18mm/18mm (standard)
14/14 (optional)
18mm/18mm (standard)
14/14 (optional)
Narrow Deck/Short
Narrow Deck/Long
Wide Deck/Long
ECi Cylinder Class**
21, 22, 23
11, 25
13, 14, 54, 55


**For more information, please refer to ECi’s Cylinder Class Reference Manual.

What You Should Know About TITAN Cylinder Assemblies from ECi

TITAN® EXP™ Cylinder Assemblies include all reciprocating parts except piston pin and rocker arms. Gasket set included. Piston and rings fitted and installed. Cylinder Assembly is supplied unpainted. Primer is applied to barrel exterior as a base for paint and for corrosion protection.


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